Client Testimonials

"Home buying can be a very stressful process, but Marlene made it pleasurable."   - S. & D. Cantz, Glens Falls
"Did Everything she promised and delivered!"  - Mr. Carruthers, Queensbury

"Marlene went above & beyond our expectations. We were snowbirds. If someone wished viewing,
she went & opened drapes, turned on lights etc. Then she went back & shut everything down."
  - Mrs. Calvert, Queensbury

"This was our first home buying experience and I felt very comfortable and trusted Marlene"  - Mr. LaTulippe, Queensbury

" Marlene was a pleasure to work with & went above & beyond any expectations. I will miss her!"  -  Mrs. Beyerbach, Queensbury

"Marlene is a real pro! She handled every detail with great attention and was truly kind & respectful to our process of finding a new home"  -  Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds, Glens Falls

"Marlene was awesome. She knows her craft better than any agent we have ever delt with" - Mr. & Mrs. Margaret, Saratoga

"Marlene went above and beyond to get this sale for me" Mrs. Collins, Glens Falls

"Marlene sold us our last house as well. She defintely out did herself!" Mr. & Mrs Cross, Glens Falls

"Marlene did a wonderful job. She knew what we wanted before we did!"
Mr & Mrs. C, Queensbury

"Marlene always responds in a timely fashion. Always working for my best interest." Mr & Mrs. Roberts, Glens Falls

"I was very impressed over all. Wished I had gone with Marlene in the beginning!" Mrs. French, Whitehall

"Marlene is awesome to work with. She knows her craft better than any agent we have ever dealt with”  – Mr. & Mrs. M.

"Marlene was a fantastic realtor especially having to deal with the area of Whitehall where it is hard to sell homes. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to sell." D.C.
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